Leon Paul LP Etoile Sabre Blade


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Designed and made to be long lasting, safe and good value for money. This blade is perfect for clubs and beginner fencers.

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Our Paul Etoile blades are made from steel with a low carbon content and are heat treated to finish springy and resilient. They have a fantastic life span and if you are looking for a durable blade this is an excellent choice.


weight size 5: 186g | size 2: 141g | size 0: 139g
weight size 5: 6 9/16oz | size 2: 5oz | size 0: 4 14/16oz

Length size 5: 87.5cm | size 2: 82cm | size 0: 76cm
Length size 5: 34″ 2/16 | size 2: 32″ | size 0: 29″ 10/16

Balance point:
The balance point is measured from the forte of the blade
Balance Point: 23cm | Balance Point: 20cm | Balance Point: 17cm
Balance Point: 9″ | Balance Point: 7″ 13/16 | Balance Point: 6″ 10/16

*We do our best to ensure weights of items listed are accurate, however due the nature of the production methods, variation in the weight of individual items is possible.

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Weight 1.5 kg

0(under 10 Years), 2(10-14 Years), 5




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